Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mormon Miracle Pageant cont.

As the Mormon Miracle Pageant comes to a close I feel a wave of mixed emotions: exhaustion from doing pageant six hours a night after commuting back and forth to Provo for summer term at BYU, sadness for another year of pageant being over, and spiritually filled from the missionary experiences and spirit that I felt throughout the pageant. Our family has loved having family and friends come and see the pageant and we are so grateful for your continued love and support.

The Larsen family from Boise came to watch their amazing actress daughters Laurel and Anna Sue be in the pageant.

Although I loved performing in the pageant each night, nothing can compete with being a cast missionary. Each night before the show began some of the cast members had the opportunity to welcome the crowd and ask for missionary referrals. I loved having the chance to be a missionary, even if it was only for a couple hours each night. Although it was a ton of work participating in the pageant, I wouldn't have traded the experiences I had and the spirit I felt the past four weeks for the world.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mormon Miracle Pageant.

The month of June is here again which means Manti Pageant callbacks, rehearsals, costume fittings, and performances for hours every night for the next couple weeks. Our entire family (excluding Dad) and two of our Larsen cousins, Laurel and Anna Sue, from Boise ID have been working hard to learn their parts and are loving being part of the pageant. Here are a couple of pictures of us practicing on the temple hill...with more pictures coming soon of the aspiring Cottam actors and actresses decked out in stage makeup and costumes.

Daniel is part of the Joseph Smith vignettes and looks very happy to be holding a girl's hand.

Becca tried out and got the part of a wicked High Priestess.

Julia, mom, David, Laurel, Benjamin, Anna Sue, and Daniel all decked out in their Christ in America costumes. Don't they look amazing?!

Alisa and I were both cast as Mary Henshaw and I have loved getting to know her as we have practiced trudging across the plains, dying, and then coming back at the end for our Roberts.

David, Julia, me, and Jade waiting to rehearse our next scene. There were three Roberts and Marys cast for the pageant and Jade and I were paired together.

Although it has been tons of hard work and we are beginning to experience pageant fatigue, we wouldn't miss the opportunity to be in the pageant for anything. We hope you can all come and experience the Manti Pageant and feel the amazing spirit that is present.

Cottam Definition of Goober.

adj. a goofy, nonconforming individual that does funny things with the intent to make people laugh.

Daniel was walking around the house the other day with no shirt, no shoes, and no problems. Ignoring his older sister's plea to put a shirt on he decided to creatively make his wardrobe more modest.

Another goober moment in the Cottam family. Becca taught David to swing around his head and say "Hey There Little Pretty Lady" and he kinda went wild with it. It makes me laugh everytime I watch it so I hope it makes your day.

P.S. His bouncing eyebrows are the best part :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Doctor DVD.

This morning I accidentally cut my finger on the apple slicer, and upon seeing the cut David quickly ran and got his first aid kit. He told me not to be scared and then explained how he would use each of the items in his homemade kit to doctor me up. The dialogue went something like this with David pulling each item out of his first aid kit...
"I will use the things you use to clean out the potatoes in your ears (Q-tips) for the blood and then use the thing you put on before the band-aid (anti-bacterial ointment). Then tie the band-aid on with string and paper clips. I have cough drops and a book too that will make you feel better."

After he had gone through the lengthy process of putting a band-aid on my finger and I had thanked him he said...
"You're welcome. You can just call me Doctor DVD!"