Saturday, September 19, 2009

Run Daniel, Run.

On Friday afternoon Daniel called me to tell me about his cross country meet that was being held about a mile from my apartment...and began in 20 minutes. So I raced back from campus, jumped in my car, picked up Becca, and raced to the meet. It was so much fun to see my favorite brother (who is 15 years old) racing around Kawanis park. Becca and I were definitely his biggest fans.

Sprinting to the finish line. Daniel continues to amaze me with how great he is doing at Wasatch and for trying out for the cross country team...something I would never do. Keep up the great work. I love you!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Meet Harvy. Ashlee is taking anatomy this semester and he has become one of her best study-buddies for helping her get an A+ on her tests. To thank him for all the study help, Ashlee gave him a tootsie pop and brought him home to meet all of her amazing roommates.

Ashlee thinks that Harvy is her man...

...but what she doesn't know is that Melinda got her first kiss from him.

OUCH! Harvy that really hurt... (said with a British accent)

Sadly the most social thing we did all week was hang out with Harvy for a couple hours before Ashlee had to return him to the anatomy lab so that the next anatomy student could get help from him to ace their test.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday: Casa Dea #15 style.

After two weeks of getting settled into our new apartment in Casa Dea (#15!), learning the best way to cook and grocery shop, and trying to manage the constant flow of homework and studying for tests, our apartment decided to celebrate our birthdays, all which fall within four months of each other. Melinda, Charlie, and Ashlee made good use of our 8 phonebooks by making paper chains and pomander balls from the yellow pages. I was subconsciously cheering them on while sleeping on our super-comfortable couch under the Happy Birthday sign.

Ashlee and Melinda also made a DELICIOUS funfetti double-layered cake, complete with sprinkle frosting and a candle for each of us to blow out. There so many sweets already hiding in our cupboards and then we make more that I wouldn't be suprised if we gain the "Sophmore- sixty" by the end of the year. Oh the price you pay for roommates who are marvelous cooks. :)

Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes. One more year until I am no longer a teenager but the big 2-0! Crazy...time goes way to fast.