Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let the Races Begin!

Today was the Pinewood Derby for the cub scouts and Julia, Benjamin, David, and I (yes I am still a scout at heart) all raced our cars. We all did great with Julia winning 1st in the family catogory, Benjamin winning 1st in the bear den, and David and I cheering eachother's cars on as they raced down the track.
"The Viper"

My personal favorite..."The Y"

"The Speedster"

The Cottam racing team

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Week of Finals and Goodbyes.

Well this past week has been filled with with a lot of goodbyes and finals. Victor is now an official missionary and entered the MTC on April 15 (tax day!). Although it was a tough final goodbye I am so glad that he is serving a mission and can't wait until it is my turn. The rest of the week was spent studying like crazy and then standing in line for hours at the testing center to take my finals. After finishing my last final at 10:30 on Wednesday night my roommates and I made a run to Wendys and then pulled an all-nighter to finish cleaning our rooms and packing. At 4:30 am we bought breakfast (muffins and milk) out of the vending machines and made our final trek of the year up to the top of the Y to watch the sunrise.

Nathan, Melinda, Staci, and Ashlee on the Y

The final thing to do before I left was to say goodbye...but luckily they are just for the summer. Overall it was an amazing end to a fantastic freshman year.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend.

On Saturday Victor and I went to the morning session of General Conference at the Conference Center in Salt Lake. It was such an uplifting experience and although we were up in the nosebleed section the spirit was so amazing. I loved when Elder Eyring spoke about how the disciple who accepts the oportunity to grow will be given the Lord's help to overcome the trial and how sometimes the hard things we are asked to do serves as the relief that others need. I am amazing every conference how certain talks seem like they were written to strengthen and direct me at that time in my life. I spent the rest of the weekend with my family at my Grandma Laurel's house where we were fed well and frequently. Mmmm. We also got to spend some time with Grandma Loni on Sunday afternoon and celebrate Easter a week early so that I could hunt for Easter eggs too. :)

Julia and David looking for Easter eggs. We forgot the easter baskets at home...but grocery sacks work just as well.

Daniel's excitement for egg hunting could not be contained and he was forced to break out into song part way through to express his excitement.