Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Bucket List.

At the beginning of each year, my family would compile a "memory list" of all the fun things that we wanted to do as a family that year. The list was then posted on the side of the fridge where we could keep track of all the family memories we were making. With this tradition in mind and to help ensure that our summer was not totally wasted with sleeping in and studying for tests, Melinda, Ashlee and I made a Summer Bucket List.

Disclaimer: The following list is a work in progress and may be added to at any time if an adventure arises.
  • Hike Mount Timpanogos
  • Float the Provo River
  • Make a fort in our living room and sleep in it
  • Hike Y Mountain
  • Go to Heber and get a shake from Granny's
  • Scone party
  • Triple Tandem Bike date down the Provo River Trail
  • Manti Pageant
  • CD 15 Photo Shoot
  • Hike Mount Nebo
  • King Cone Competition
  • Pedicures
  • Homemade Pizza
  • Weekly Temple Trips
  • Lay in the middle of University Avenue (our plan is at 3:00 am when everyone else is sleeping)
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Shooting
  • Provo Farmers Market
Some of the completed adventures include...

Organizing a ward trip down to Manti to see the Cottam family star in the Manti Pageant.

A CD 15 Photo Shoot with Melinda's frame. . . her newest addition to her wedding decor.

With three foot-tall ice cream cones from Maceys and a time limit of 60 minutes to finish, we set out on our greatest adventure yet. . . the first annual KING KONG competition! Ashlee and Melinda both thought that I would be no competition, but with the chocolate ice cream slowing them down and the help of my hollow leg, I managed to finish just minutes before Ashlee, with Melinda coming in shortly after. Needless to say, a killer stomachache followed our short-lived victory and we spent the remainder of the day either moaning on the couch or trying to walk off the stomachache and 6,000+ calories we had just consumed.


  1. Yeah Katherine you made it in just under a week, you're the best!!

  2. Yeah Kate!!! I think "update my blog" should be on your bucket list :)

  3. not going to lie i was starting to think that maybe you died or something. maybe you jsut dont update cause you dont want to read what i comment..... hope not hahaha well dont know if you care but i just completed 15 months in the mission and wow time goes by SO FAST. everything is just amazing i LOVE tho work and the lord with every fiber of my being. hope your doing great as well and it looks like you are i still pray for you and your family sometimes so ya'll obey the comandments so you can take advantage of those blessings i'm trying to send your way alrighty?? well if you'd like to write i'd love to read :) sending much love from mexico

    Elder Baert

  4. Yay you redid your blog!!! Can I get a "CUTE, CUTE!!!" <3