Friday, September 18, 2009


Meet Harvy. Ashlee is taking anatomy this semester and he has become one of her best study-buddies for helping her get an A+ on her tests. To thank him for all the study help, Ashlee gave him a tootsie pop and brought him home to meet all of her amazing roommates.

Ashlee thinks that Harvy is her man...

...but what she doesn't know is that Melinda got her first kiss from him.

OUCH! Harvy that really hurt... (said with a British accent)

Sadly the most social thing we did all week was hang out with Harvy for a couple hours before Ashlee had to return him to the anatomy lab so that the next anatomy student could get help from him to ace their test.


  1. All I have to say is that Harvy must be the luckiest man in Provo.

  2. hey looks like your doing good and happy, good to see really. i see you put that fearless quote up, i totally claim it haha you toally gave it to me for valentines day haha :) na its all good you wrote it its yours doesnt make less amazing haha. well keep studying and keep up the good work and the lord will bless you. try to study your scriptures every day i promise you it makes a huge difference in you life, have to charge you spiritual batteries every morning haha.If you´d like to email me i´d love to hear from you ( you whats going on in your life and what such. if not well i dont really know why not haha you never really told me jsut kind of stopped writing haha. i´m happy down here in mexico serving the lord doing his work and will your are in my prayers, i just want the lord to take special care of you, even if you dont want to talk to me haha i figure i might as well send some blessings in her direction and well i´m a missionary and lord has to listen to my prayers, not that he doesnt listen to everyones just argh you get what i mean well sending much love from mexico to your and your family

    Elder Baert